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Keith Weibrecht Architecture operates under the belief that the spaces we occupy should support and accommodate what we do, should invite and inspire us, should feel comforting and alive. Listening carefully to clients in order to understand their unique circumstances and specific needs is a paramount part of the design process at KWA.

KWA is a full service architecture firm based in San Diego, CA. We have experience in a variety of building types but focus primarily on custom single-family homes, additions, full scale remodels, interior design & space planning, as well as multi-family residential design.

Our ground-up projects lean towards a modern aesthetic, while our addition and remodel projects are respectfully integrated with the style and character of the existing building & site context. We give careful consideration to the site and neighborhood context and strive for environmental sustainability in all of our work.




Keith is a licensed architect in California and founding principal of Keith Weibrecht Architecture. He holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Drexel University and a Master of Architecture in Real Estate Development from Woodbury University. His professional experience includes tenure with Venturi, Scott Brown and Associates and Lloyd Russell, AIA.

Keith has a keenly developed understanding of the way people live in and use spaces. He places equal emphasis on the immediate aesthetic satisfaction of a design as well as the long-term comfort and function of a space.

In his free time Keith enjoys road cycling, tennis, and playing classical piano.



Edvin believes that architecture and the built environment greatly influence our experiences and fundamentally affect how we feel. Edvin graduated from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo in 2015 with a Bachelor of Architecture. His early professional work includes commercial and academic projects at Belli Architectural Group and InStudio Architecture, both in his hometown of Salinas, CA, and residential work at Lloyd Russell, AIA in San Diego.

It is the intimate connection between the design process and the end user that attracts Edvin to the residential work that he participates in at KWA.

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