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When the client purchased this narrow site it contained two 400 square foot residential units and a large front yard - perfect for the substantial expansion of the front unit while the rear unit could be retained as in income generating rental.

The owners of this house have no children but wanted guest rooms for family and friends. We converted the original front unit into a bedroom suite and designed the lower floor of the addition to function as an independent living suite with bedroom, bathroom, and lounge area. 

The new second floor consists of a larger living area for entertaining with a master bedroom suite on the third level. When the owners aren't entertaining the upper two floors are all they need. The guest areas have independent entrances so they can also be used as vacation rentals to help offset the high housing costs of San Diego.

The asymmetrical roof is a reaction to San Diego's strict height limit which gets lower as you approach the property line. Wood siding and a standing seam metal roof wrapping down the east wall combine with white stucco to create a warm and inviting mix of texture and color.

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